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Book review – The Trap (Pilgrimage)


I seem to have been working, eating, sleeping and running and not really reading very much – argh! After going for Easy Books for a few days, I did manage to get myself through the next volume of Dorothy Richardson’s “Pilgrimage” – it was a short one, at just over 100 pages. I now seem […]

Book review – Amber Reeves – “A Lady and Her Husband” @PersephoneBooks #20BooksOfSummer #amreading #Persephone


I’m very much enjoying my little whirl of Persephones towards the end of this month – here’s my review of “A Lady and Her Husband” and I’m currently reading “Greengates”, which is proving lovely so far, with “Madame Solario” to go. What treats! I’ve also been buying books again, but I think that’s for a […]

State of the TBR January 2017 and Christmas book confessions (happies)


I know, I know, a bonus post from me, two on one day. But I had a lot of stuff to fit in! First of all, here’s my January TBR, which I think you’ll agree is marvellous, svelte, hardly visible, etc. Well, you can see it’s smaller than January 2016‘s effort (and you can see […]

Top Ten Books of the Year 2016 (and reading report)


Well, the TBR started the year as above and (sneak preview) finished it like this, so that’s some progress, right? In 2016 I read 126 books in total (up from 115 in 2015): 77 of them were fiction (83 in 2015) and 49 non-fiction (32 in 2015) and I had 6 Did Not Finishes (3 […]

Book reviews – Dorothy Richardson and The Years #woolfalong #amreading


Two final reviews for the year – of course, I’ve now got a few hours of 2016 left with no book started as I don’t like to be untidy, but there you go. Hope everyone’s had a good reading year, I’ll be doing my roundup and TBR photo tomorrow, and until then, I’ll leave you […]

Book review – The Waves #Woolfalong #amreading


Well, what can you say about such an iconic and rather daunting book? I’ve so enjoyed taking part in #Woolfalong this year and was determined to fit some reads into the last section, Woolfalong Phase 6, in which we are asked to read any or all of “Jacob’s Room”, “The Waves” and “The Years”. So […]

A Year in First Lines


Lots of people have been doing this and so I thought I would, too. The idea is to take the first line of the first blog post of each month and put them all in one post. Because my actual first post of the month is always a State of the TBR one, I’ve included […]

Book review – March Moonlight (Virago) and a competition!


Well, I have finished Dorothy Richardson’s “Pilgrimage” sequence and right on time, too. The 13 volumes have taken me 13 months to read, and I could not have done it without having the other lovely bloggers and LibraryThing Virago Group members to see me through. I’m going to do the competition bit first to allow […]

State of the TBR December 2016 (and a small confession)


December should be a time of clearing the decks and making sure I’ve got room on the bookshelf for lots of lovely books that usually appear for Christmas and then my birthday in January. Hm. Well, all those trips to bookshops and booky towns are going to take their toll, aren’t they. And I didn’t […]

Book review – Dimple Hill (Virago)


Well, it’s time for another review of another volume of Dorothy Richardson’s “Pilgrimage” series. I’ve been reading these for almost a year now, and although we’ve all ended up reading different volumes at the same time, it’s been a real pleasure to read these alongside my fellow book bloggers and Virago fans as we’ve gone […]

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