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Book reviews – Francis Brett Young – “White Ladies” and Virginia Woolf / Quentin Bell – “The Charleston Bulletin Supplements”


I’m still reading up a storm as I’m finding quite a lot of bits of time to curl up with a book – although I have slowed down a little bit recently as am on two quite meaty ones at the moment. Today I’ve got two period pieces – a Francis Brett Young novel published […]

Book reviews – Sweet Tomorrows and Recollections of Virginia Woolf #books #woolfalong


Two very dissimilar books here just squeaking under the end-of-month line (I don’t like having reviews spill into the next month, although it’s often not preventable and I don’t mind if other people’s do). Not on the 20 Books of Summer list (of course they’re not – I must have read 40 books of summer […]

Review and acquisition round-up – Evelyn Waugh, Philip Sassoon and Virginia Woolf #SNB #books #Woolfalong


Just a tiny round-up today to cover almost the last two books I read in July (one Ann Bridge review to come!) plus a naughty but nice acquisition. First off, I was lucky enough to get two fab mid-20th-century biographies to review for Shiny New Books. I love being part of the non-fiction gang, and […]

Book reviews – Adam Bede and Virginia Woolf A Critical Memoir


Two non-Iceland books now – I know! But I decided that I couldn’t read just books on Iceland all month (and by doing that, ruined my chances of reading them all – doh!) Plus I was already reading the amazing “Adam Bede”, and I wasn’t about to give up on that for a month! So […]

VIRGINIA WOOLF – The London Scene

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Bought 24 Jun 2007 – the Bad Shop A lovely little book of essays about London – very evocative and with lovely little pictures that really set it off. Apparently these were published in Good Housekeeping originally.

NIGEL NICHOLSON – Virginia Woolf

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Bought 31 Dec 2006 – Bookends in Birmingham An excellent short biography. Being Vita Sackville-West’s son, Nicholson is able to give a personal angle to this work, introducing short scenes in which he took part as a child. Not a hagiography, VW is portrayed honestly and with reference to the many other biographies and works […]

Book reviews – Dorothy Richardson and The Years #woolfalong #amreading


Two final reviews for the year – of course, I’ve now got a few hours of 2016 left with no book started as I don’t like to be untidy, but there you go. Hope everyone’s had a good reading year, I’ll be doing my roundup and TBR photo tomorrow, and until then, I’ll leave you […]

Book review – The Waves #Woolfalong #amreading


Well, what can you say about such an iconic and rather daunting book? I’ve so enjoyed taking part in #Woolfalong this year and was determined to fit some reads into the last section, Woolfalong Phase 6, in which we are asked to read any or all of “Jacob’s Room”, “The Waves” and “The Years”. So […]

Book reviews – The Common Reader Vol II and Lingo #amreading #woolfalong #books


Getting two book reviews in before the end of the month – everything on the front of the TBR is now Large Books so these will be the last ones finished this month (and the photo is a bit outdated so you’ll see those on Thursday)! At least these two go together a bit better […]

Book reviews – The Common Reader Vol 1 #Woolfalong #amreading #books


I’ve just read two books for two challenges, but I know people are possibly interested in one or the other, so I’ve split the reviews over two days. I’m quite glad that the Woolf I’ve been reading has been non-fiction, as too much stream of consciousness might have been … too much stream of consciousness, […]

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