Guest blog posts and review copies

I’ve been fortunate enough to guest post on a few people’s blogs over the years. Here are some articles I’ve written for other people:

On Written Communication – for the Yara blog

On Going Freelance as an Editor – for Subs’ Standards

Networking for Newbies – for SkillsHive

Top Tips for Part-Time and Full-Time Self-Employment – for TheCreativePenn

Being Professional as a Writer – for Life on Magrs

An Editor’s Advice: Ten Top Tips for Fiction Writers for Tammy Salyer

Interview with me about PR and marketing on the Green Apple Communications blog

The importance of keeping fit as a freelancer on the PB Personal Training Brum blog

High cholesterol = no cheese? for the new Wyke Farms blog

Guest blogging opportunities

I accept contributions for guest posts on this blog and and am particularly happy to do reciprocal posts for each other’s sites.

Posts must be 500-1000 words in length, on a topic that suits the blog, and must include useful content as well as marketing material for you. I am happy to include links to your website, blog or book, but the text must be relevant and interesting to my users. I reserve the right to reject posts, ask for alterations and edit them.

Contact me if you’d like to discuss guest blogging opportunities.

Reviews, features, sponsored posts and sponsored links

If you contact me to ask me to publish a product review or feature or a sponsored post or link, in order to promote your client or your commercial activity, I will need to know the following:

– what do you want me to do exactly?

– how does this fit in with the content on my blog and website?

– how does this fit with my readership?

Libro is about honesty and openness. Therefore I am happy to promote certain carefully selected products and services, but I will always make it clear when a link is a promotion that has been paid for or sponsored, or when I gain a referral fee from readers clicking on a link.

Review copies of books

I am happy to be offered review copies of books for this book review blog. However, I reserve the right to turn down opportunities. I cannot guarantee when I will review the book, and I cannot guarantee a good review! I will be honest, but I will also be kind. Get in touch using my contact form and let me know what you’d like to send over. You can get an idea of what I read from this blog, but I’m particularly interested in: travel, Young Adult, pony books, social history, Iris Murdoch and literary fiction.

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