Well, this is exciting! I’ve decided to take part in Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon (read more here) because at the time I thought I’d have time to just READ from 1pm on Saturday to 1pm on Sunday (not for 24 hours. though). Well, it looks like I’ll have to do some work and I’ll be travelling back from a course on the Saturday when I start reading on the bus, but I’ve put this pile together (arrgh, NOT just the beginning of my TBR, how am I going to manage that? I do admit to having made the pile and then put them back on the shelf in their right places, just in case).

I’ve chosen a pile to read from (I don’t imagine I’ll finish them all) which is fairly representative of my reading as a whole.

The running book: “Run the World” by Becky Wade – one woman, many running cultures.

The children’s book: “The Tree that Sat Down” by Beverley Nichols – a tree with a SHOP INSIDE. Blame Ali and Karen for this one.

The editing/words book: “What Editors Do” edited by Peter Ginna – with a chapter by one of my edibuddies!

The classic: George Eliot “Tales of Clerical Life” – lovely stories I know I will enjoy. Also stories. Shorter.

The reliable easy read: “Summertime Dreams” by Debbie Macomber – I know I will like it and read it in a few hours.

The bit of fantasy: “Fellowship of Ink” by Paul Magrs – so I can give him a boost and because who can resist the Bride of Frankenstein doing for some Oxford writers?

The NetGalley ooh this looks good oh no have to read it by THIS date books: “Butterfly” by Yusra Mardini (the Syrian woman who swam part of the Mediterranean and then swam in the Rio Olympics) and “Oh, my God, what a Complete Aisling” by Emer McLysaght; Sarah Breen (a light novel).

Are you doing the Readathon? Do feel free to link to your starter post!

I will do one update post that I start this afternoon and will update it regularly rather than posting and posting. I THINK that will work OK … wish me luck!