Sedate lady running 07-13 Oct 2019 #amrunning #running


Not many photos this week but a daily update as I have decided to try to get in 10,000 steps a day (and yes, I know there’s recent evidence that 3 x 10 minute bursts of very active walking is better for you – I do try to get as many of my steps as possible that aren’t running in the form of brisk walking!).

Monday – A lovely run and catch-up with Claire which ended with her trying to negotiate whether to go under or over a replacement fibreoptic cable for the old copper pair telephone wires that was being fixed up. Oh, the laughs! I went a bit further than planned and was quite tired from running 9.6 miles the day before.  Got home to a bulky parcel – I’d failed to get into the London Marathon, both in the first ballot and in the ballot you get into if you donate your fee to their charity. Another London Marathon fail top!

5.5 miles, 12:48 mins per mile. Steps: 11,708

Tuesday – Normally a very sedentary day in front of the computer working, so I made myself walk to the park the long way, march around it and do some complicated looking for drinking glasses shopping up and down the high street. Then walked to meet Matthew off the bus.

Steps: 11,048

Wednesday – Went into town to meet a lovely client, handily right across town at a gallery, so a good walk there and back. Then I went charity shop book shopping with my friend Sian in the afternoon (results here) and went out for dinner locally with Matthew in the evening, so got my steps in naturally (and a bit of work done!).

Steps: 12,508

Thursday – Took in an early evening run with Caroline – really nice to, again, catch up, though I must get the battery in my head torch replaced as it was a bit feeble.  I wore my London Marathon Fail Top and it was nice but I got a bit warm as it’s brushed cotton inside!

Liz in London Marathon top

London Marathon Fail Top 2020 race edition

5.1 miles, 12:34 mins per mile. Steps: 12,608

Friday – Went to yoga then did some walking including up to the park to meet Tara and pass her some books. Ended up walking VERY fast to meet Matthew off the bus to get my steps in. But this was the other day when I did steps I wouldn’t have done otherwise.

Steps: 10,597

Saturday – Moved my long run to today. I went up to the post box to send some cards and carried on running around as it was quite cold and I was early. This then saved rather than restarted, hence the two-part run. Started off with Jenny and Mary Ellen and did the 4-mile canal route by the boatyard. Said goodbye to Jenny then Mary Ellen and I continued in a big loop that took in much of my old 5-mile route. We ran into Cannon Hill Park to use the toilets, then Mary Ellen suggested we run through the more traily part of Holders Woods. There was a big Alzheimer’s Charity walk going on and, hoping we wouldn’t suddenly encounter millions of walkers coming towards us, we nipped through the forest. So pretty!

Pool in a wood

Holders Wood – pool

Although we were both a bit tired it was a nice run.

0.75 miles, 12:18 mins per mile / 10.2 miles, 13:25 mins per mile. Steps: 27,390

Sunday – It was the Birmingham Half-Marathon today and running club had a cheering station as usual. Mary Ellen, Trudie and I walked down and we ended up with everyone on the Pershore Road, which meant we got to see all the runners going both out and back. Sadly, a suspicious van parked near the park and cricket ground meant the race had to be diverted and shortened, which was terribly upsetting, but had to be done.

Mary Ellen captured a great pic of me handing out jelly babies (I wore my waterproof over trousers so that it didn’t rain hard – that never fails!):

Liz handing out jelly babies

Sugar high for the runners!

and I was delighted to see loads of people I know, including Barinderjit Singh Cheema – aka Usingh Bolt – just back from doing a trip to Malawi to see the charities he’s been raising money for and looking fit and healthy after suffering badly during a John O’Groats to Land’s End attempt.

barinderjit singh cheema running the half-marathon

I saw him and he saw me seeing him and all was good!

I then walked home with Mary Ellen and went out for coffee with Gill then went to my friend Clare’s birthday celebration – she’s a Bournville Harrier so I saw a lot of BVH friends there and had a nice chat. Walked home (Gill had given me a lift there) as there were no buses for ages. A good running day with no running!

Steps: 17,429

Weekly total 21.5 miles. Total this year 801 (I need 833.33 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total, and I’m now down just 14 miles on this time last year).

Edited to add: Mary Ellen has started blogging about running, too! See her first post here.

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Sedate lady running 29 Sept – 06 Oct 2019 #amrunning #running


No, I’ve not got the dates wrong! In my last post I promised you some pics and the reason I didn’t post them or my map was that I was on holiday (back yesterday) and I don’t like advertising I’m away publicly. But my run last Sunday was so pretty and I wanted to share that with you.

Bonus extra: Sunday 29 September

Map of Mount's Bay showing running route from Penzance to Mousehole

10.3 miles round the coast

I ran from Penzance along the road to Newlyn

St Michael's Mount and bay from Newlyn-Mousehole road

St Michael’s Mount and bay from Newlyn-Mousehole road

then up to Mousehole

Mousehole Harbour

Mousehole Harbour (pronounced Mausel)

Then I went off road (me!) and onto the coast path, and sent this pic home to the Sedate Ladies

SW coast path with sea

South-West Coast Path with sea. Me. I ran on that. In road shoes!

and this is where I turned round because it got REALLY muddy:

Somewhere between Mousehole and Lamorna - coast and sea

Somewhere between Mousehole and Lamorna

I hope you enjoyed that sightseeing trip!

Monday – We went to visit our friends Val and Margret and had lunch with them then a wet and woolly walk in the mist. This is to share with non-UK folk what a typical UK holiday in October looks like!

Four damp walkers

Matthew, Margret, Liz and Val

I wore my trail trainers with my waterproof socks for the walk, which worked really well! I did 10,000 steps (at least) every day on our holiday.

Tuesday – I went in my other favourite direction, round to Marazion and St Michael’s Mount. Sometimes I go across the causeway for added fun, but the tides and the time I wanted to run didn’t coincide well! It seemed easy running on the way out and I spent a bit of time photographing slightly random swans on the beach.

swans on the beach, St Michael's Mount

Swans on the beach by St Michael’s Mount

Running back there was a FIERCE headwind, my mouth was wobbling about like I was in a wind tunnel! I really pushed it to try to get an 11:xx average time!

Mount's Bay with running route

Mount’s Bay run

6.3 miles, 11:59 mins per mile.

Thursday – my last run by the sea although I walked there and looked out at it from our cottage. I decided to work out the “upalong” way to get between Newlyn and Penzance by starting in Penzance and working my way down (last time I tried this from Newlyn, I ended up on by a river and mixed up with some fish processing factories and lost my nerve). This was very steep up and then down, and also quite blowy, but fun.

Wild seas on Penzance prom

Wild seas on Penzance prom

Penzance to Newlyn run

Penzance to Newlyn run

4.3 miles, 12:27 minutes per mile (walking happened up the hills and I stopped to photograph waves/walk carefully over seaweed).

Sunday – Back home again and no seaside views but I did get to run with friends. I joined Jenny for an initial section then met Trudie for a short canal run and loops locally, including the nearest park. I thought I had 9.6 to do to make the 20 for this week but it was 9.4. Oh well! Lovely to see the ladies and happy with the pace, mainly caused by being late for both rendezvous!

Canal scene

Lyon’s Boatyard

Trudie and Liz

Trudie, Liz and canal bridge – photo by Trudie

9.6 miles, 12:42 mins per mile

Weekly total 20.2 miles. Total this year 779.5 (I need 833.33 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total, and I’m now down just 25 miles on this time last year).

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Sedate lady running 23-29 Sept 2019 #amrunning #running


A pleasant week including a lovely Run and Talk activity and even a return to yoga.

Tuesday – I got my own run out of the way in the daytime, literally running some errands and getting in 4.1 miles more quickly than I usually do. Then in the evening, when it was time for running club run, I met up with my fellow Mental Health Champion, Maria, and we ran a low-key and non-threatening but fun Run and Talk activity to coincide with National Mental Health Awareness week.

2019_09_24 MHC

I would have popped my coat off too but I had flouro armbands on for walking home in the dark and got all caught up.

The theme of Run and Talk runs is that it’s sometimes easier to talk when you’re side by side with someone, rather than with eye contact. We were encouraged to base this around men, who are more at risk of losing their lives through suicide and who might traditionally not feel they can talk about depression, anxiety, etc., but we kept it general, although I did mention in my introduction that people might consider using telling a male identifying person at home about the activity to encourage them to open up or talk about talking.

I’d prepared these conversation starters and handed them out as the runners left the school playground where we meet. Maria and I then sheltered from the wet and wild weather in her car and had a chat until the first runners came back in. We then collected the conversation starters and asked how people had found them.

I also gave out the lipsalves the Samaritans had given me at parkrun the other week. We had a happy and enthusiastic response, people enjoyed them and thanked us and had had all sorts of conversations.

Thank you to Kings Heath Running Club for letting us run this session on the “big” club night and for supporting us in our Mental Health Champion work (it’s very much an encouraging and signposting role rather than crisis management and i think club members appreciate us being around).

4.1 miles, 11:37 mins per mile

Wednesday – I made it to Dave Yoga after two weeks off, felt a bit weedy but also noticed that a lack of 14+ mile runs has left me a little less stiff than I’d have expected. I missed yoga on Friday as had a massive work project and prioritised finishing on time over yoga and working after tea.

Thursday – A lovely catch up and run with Sara, who I haven’t seen for a while. She dropped her kids at school and ran to the park; we did a modified summer club route and then made up the miles round the back of the high street – we both got the distance we needed and destressed.

5.6 miles, 12:39 mins per mile

Sunday – A seaside getaway meant I got to run in my happy place – the coast. The weather was wild and woolly and I got damp and salt-scrubbed and a bit muddy, but it was great. Will add some pics next week as I wanted to get an update in this week and haven’t sorted them out yet.

10.3 miles, 13:30 mins per mile

Weekly total a nice tidy 20 miles. Total this year 759.2 (I need 750 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total, and I’m now down 30 miles on this time last year).

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Sedate lady running 09-15 Sept 2019 #amrunning #running


A week of not much running, no yoga and one bit of volunteering and a great positive meeting. And a dog picture!

Well, of course I got a cold. I was all set for getting one, wasn’t I – lower mileage for a week or so knocking my immune system, stresses and strains, change of season and weather.

Monday – I’m very glad that Claire and I accidentally went and ran a bit longer than expected given that other running didn’t really happen. We popped over to her partner Sam’s house to let the dog out to do his doggy business, he is such a sweetie, much-loved by his family and liked very much by me. He’s a rescue and when he gets nervous out and about he sort of LEANS on you. Here you go …

The very lovely Kaci

I was pleased with my pace, given that I walked up hills as usual – picking things up a bit (I had a bit of a sprint along the canal!) and the heart rate remaining OK.

6.5 miles, 12:41 mins per mile.

Friday – Sort of feeling better, I went for a lovely long relaxed walk with Claire and Kaci round the local park. The planting is looking amazing and we had a lovely wander and a park ranger gave Kaci a dog treat, which was basically adorable.

Saturday – I went down to Cannon Hill Park for the very start of parkrun, as the Birmingham Samaritans were covering most of the volunteer positions and raising awareness, and I wanted to have a chat with them about my work as a Mental Health Champion and the Run and Talk events.

In the UK, Samaritans offer a free confidential counselling service over the phone, and in various other ways. You can call them free and there is more information here. Samaritans USA is here.

Samaritans are one of the organisations that the Mental Heath Champions system signpost to, via the Mind charity, so I was very pleased to chat about what we do, and pleased they were aware of the MHCs. Sara, the Head Samaritan in Birmingham, kindly gave me some lipsalves to hand out at the running club’s upcoming Run and Talk session and we’ll be talking further about how we can help raise awareness.

Samaritans – free phone 116 123 in the UK

We then had a quick Cannon Hill run and talk in which four of us had a chat and I ended up having a coffee with lovely Ruth.

Sunday – I was supposed to be running down to meet Ruth and Tracie, Ruth was doing a 13.1 distance in training to prepare for her next half-marathon in two weeks’ time. However, I had underestimated how much my cold had gone – it’s not on my chest but congestion much. So I had to call it a day – and then discovered I’d brought none of the three different ways I could pay bus fare (cash, Swift card, cash card). Doh! Fortunately Tracie loaned me a tenner, then I went to the supermarket, picked out some oat milk to get the right change, had to wait 10 minutes for them to allow us to pay for our groceries, then crossed the road and got the bus home.

I did at least get a picture of the middle of the route we run up from the canal, through the woods, across this road and into Billesley Common, with added accidental bus stop garden.

3.1 miles, 13:23 mins per mile (first two miles were under 12 mins per mile)

Weekly total 9.6 miles. Total this year 721.7 (I need 750 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total, and I’m now down 30 miles on this time last year).

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Sedate lady running 02-08 Sept 2019 #amrunning #running


A decent week with more balance and hopefully some adaptation. What I didn’t do was get many photos!

Tuesday – I was tail-running for our running club run so nipped up to club in time to help greet new runners – the two volunteers have to split duties between us so this time I was doing the warm-up and then letting runners out of the park and on their way in pace groups in a controlled manner (there are loads of us so it gets a bit busy if everyone just streams out). I did my trusty 1, 2, 3, 4 warmup which goes like this with the runners running in a circle around me … and I shout …

  • when I shout 1, clap your hands over your head. 1!
  • when I shout 2, skip three big skips with your arms going strong. 1! [laughter and confusion] 2, 1, 2
  • when I shout 3, do high knees. 2! 2, 1, 2, 3
  • when I shout 4, do arm circles. 1! 4, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1

Then we stop, do hip circles, do lunges in towards me while I pretend to be scared they’re going to get me, then ankle circles, then I try to get them to jog on the spot to keep warmed up.

This always gives people a laugh and includes most of the same stuff but in a different way to the way others do it (I got the idea from my Leadership course).

Anyway, once I’d let them all go I ran at the back, and lovely Ruth stayed with me. It’s getting dark now and I think that’s the last Tuesday run that will go from the park.

0.6 miles, 10:48 mins per mile / 4.1 miles, 14:28 mins per mile / 0.5 miles, 11:45 mins per mile

Wednesday – Managed to go to Dave Yoga and got through everything in the class although the DOMS after were for real!

Thursday – I wanted to do about 5 miles but dillied and dallied and dealt with work … Then I checked and my friend Tara the dog walker and pet sitter was walking some of her charges in the next furthest park away, so I ran down there, met her and her charges – we decided it was Bring My Friend To Work Which Is With Dogs day, as opposed to Bring Your Dog To Work Day – and had a chat and a walk, then ran back. I decided (OK, I was busting for the loo) to push the pace coming back and was pleased my heart rate didn’t get too out of control.

Highbury Park, part of the grounds of Joseph Chamberlain’s house. Lovely and wild and full of birds.

3 miles, 12:08 mins per mile

Friday – I went to Clare Yoga but realised just before that it was going to be a cover teacher. I managed to make myself go still, and it was a good class, although concentrating on the feet, ankles and calves. I knew that would hurt tomorrow, and it did, but there were some good new moves.

Saturday – I kind of had to do my long run today because my husband was around to do the 11am meds for the cat, so I could just come back for the 1pm ones – he was off birdwatching on Sunday. I managed to gather Ruth and Mary Ellen who both wanted to go long, too, and we did my 10-mile Northfield loop, which I haven’t done for ages, as I got a bit sick and tired of it at one point!

Ruth, Mary Ellen, Liz, Trudie (photo by Trudie, with permission).

Trudie manifested in Cotteridge, having used a canny mix of running and buses to find us, and she was with us for a good few miles before popping home. We enjoyed the cooler temps and the slightly turning trees down the Bristol Road and had a peek into Cannon Hill Park on the way past.

Peeking in to Cannon Hill

We went past a lovely haberdashery shop run by the woman who won the first Great British Sewing Bee as we came through Moseley on the way home: this is a typical grand Edwardian house and the display was pretty and autumnal.

Guthrie & Ghani

Mary Ellen said goodbye as she’d done 10 miles and I then took Ruth for a wiggle around the streets to get her to 11 – tried a bit too hard and sent her off at an angle so as not to do too much, then took myself round a loop and went too far AGAIN, so I ended up with 12 miles rather than the 11.7 I was aiming for to round up the week. Not a bad problem to have. I had been jeffing (Jeff Galloway Technique) with Ruth and Mary Ellen at a 1 min run, 30 sec walk ratio, but didn’t have that set on my watch and knocked out an 11:09 final mile which I was pretty pleased with. Longest run since the ultra, I think.

12 miles / 13:25 mins per mile

Weekly total 20.3 miles. Heart rate is adjusting and continuous running doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem. Total this year 712 (I need 750 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total, and I’m still down a few miles on this time last year).

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Sedate lady running 26 August – 01 Sept 2019 #amrunning #running


A slightly odd week where I did a longer run than normal on Tuesday.

Tuesday – My friend Sara who is doing the Birmingham Half-Marathon in October, was getting worried about not getting her distance in, so asked if anyone could accompany her on a 9-miler based around the running club’s Tuesday 4 miles. Some of us started with her, some of us finished with her, and I was with her between my house and the park at the end of the club run. We did a version of the other summer club run first then ran round at the back of the run (but still kept to the requisite 14 minute miles or faster required to run the full distance). Sara did her 9 – hooray! – and I got 8.5 miles in, which was frankly odd for a Tuesday evening.

I was getting quite a high heart rate and tired out and then needing to walk quite randomly: this taught me I need to rein things back in for a bit and go back to Jeff Galloway Method, which I did for the rest of the week. No photos taken today!

8.5 miles, 13:29 mins per mile

Thursday – Jenny was free in the early evening and this suited me, too. It ended up just the two of us and we did the Shortest Run We Can Do That Still Includes A Bit of Canal, taking in the lovely Lyon’s Boatyard, which she swears she’s never run past. I worked us up from the canal through the wood and then the Common without getting lost so seem to have worked out that route. Jeffed it 2 mins run / 30 secs walk which kept my heart rate much more under control and me more comfortable.

Lyon’s Boatyard

4.1 miles, 13:30 mins per mile

Saturday – I rarely have a week without volunteering and I had a lovely day out at the Veterans’ League Final in Nottingham with Sparkhill Harriers. All the finals were being run together so all the clubs from the league were there – lots of athletes but also lots of officials more senior than me. So I got to be a body in the field, doing what I was told, which was great! We were down for three events and I helped look after another. This is what I did:

  • Hammer – I stood to the far side of the cage from the competitors, watching for their feet staying inside the circle as they threw and them walking out of the back of the circle when they’d thrown. I had a white and red flag and raised them accordingly.
  • Hammer – I retrieved hammers after they’d landed, being sure to stay out of their way and obeying the safety protocol, and dragged them back to where the competitors would use the stadium’s ones or retrieve their own ones.
  • Long jump – I used the tape to measure the length of the jump and helped watch the take-off board to judge whether it was a good take-off or a foul
  • Javelin – I operated the Electronic Distance Measuring device to measure the length of throws and called out the result to the person calling up and recording.

View of field officials officiating

Sunday – Traditionally long run day but I was already up to what I misremembered as 12 miles (actually 12.6). I jeffed with Jenny (doing a short run), Mary Ellen (doing the end of a long run she’d started early due to family commitments) and Ruth (did slightly longer than me). We did the Shortest Canal etc. route then said goodbye to Jenny, Mary Ellen came with us for a bit longer then it was me and Ruth finishing off around familiar roads.

We were very privileged to come across this heron just as we joined the canal.

You can see the beginning of Lyon’s Boatyard in the distance here. As I took photos, he took off …

Photo of the day: done!

Unfortunately my Garmin watch, usually very trusty, did something to my run file and I can’t get it onto Strava – I’ve tried cleaning it up using software my husband found, but to no avail. Very annoying indeed. Fortunately, my watch was displaying the time spent, distance and pace, so I used that to add a manual record to Strava. And I can see my heart rate data on the Garmin app so can see it didn’t go too high. But no detail which is frustrating. I used the same jeffing strategy although near the end we walked a bit more. It was quite warm.

8.1 miles, 13:34 mins/mile

Weekly total 20.7 miles. My speed has at least been consistent, if not brilliant, and I am feeling more comfortable keeping to the jeffing for now. Total this year 691.7 (I needed 666.67 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total)

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Sedate lady running 12-25 August 2019 #amrunning #running


I had a week off the round-up last week as I ended up just doing one run, on the Saturday. But I’ve got back into it this last week, even though the summer seems to have come back.

Saturday (17 August) – I was supporting running club beginners, and dashed up to the meetup point starting off a little late. Had no beginners (this often happens at this time of year) but lovely Ruth joined me to keep me company, we Jeffed round the park a bit then I ran the long way home. We had a man in repointing our front wall so I was glad to escape him!

0.5 miles, 10:47 mins per mile / 4 miles 13 mins per mile

Weekly total 4.5 miles

Tuesday – I ran up to running club’s evening club run and had a lovely time running round with the party pack at the back. At one point I was trying to chase down Trudie and Mary Ellen in the other park, with not enough breath to call them if I was sprinting, and too far away for them to hear if I wasn’t sprinting. It was warm but a lovely run – ran home with Trudie after getting a pic of the four of us. It was so good to be with the girls and feel myself again. Strava saved itself while I had my watch paused for warm up so it split into running there and running round and home.

Look at Mary Ellen’s super new haircut, too!

0.6 miles, 10:55 mins per mile / 4.8 miles, 12:37 mins per mile

Thursday – A very nice canal run with Mary Ellen, who is on school holidays at the moment. We did the shortest possible canal route just to get those lovely boats in and were rewarded with a classic shot.

Narrow boat coming through bridge

I was feeling a bit tired etc so there was some walking and that was fine. Mary Ellen was in the middle of a 10-miler, having dropped her boys off at a summer school and run home from town, and we managed to work our way from the canal up to the rugby club without getting lost!

4 miles, 13:27 mins per mile

Friday – Managed to get back to yoga for the first time in a while. Man did I ache the next day. We did sloooooowwww yoga which is just as hard as going fast!

Saturday – Volunteered at parkrun for the first time in an age – too much club volunteering or officiating on Saturdays! I was barcode scanning (scanning the runner’s barcode and their finish token) and it all went pretty well. Like a greatest hits of parkrun friends, I saw loads of my lovely friends I’ve made through the event, and had a great long cuppa and chat with two of them afterwards. Good times.

Cannon Hill Park was looking very pretty

Sunday – Back to a lovely longer canal run with Trudie, Sonya and Caroline. Caroline was very nifty and walked some of the canal while we somehow did longer loops running, so we came upon her twice after having said goodbye (or au revoir, maybe!) which was fun. It was a blazing hot day so a good one to get some cool shady canal running in.

Kings Norton Junction with Sonya, Trudie and geese

Trudie, Sonya and Liz, taken by Caroline …

Caroline reclining like a supermodel on the guillotine lock – she’d climbed up here to get the previous picture! Photo by Trudie.

Four ladies in the sun, taken by Trudie (on timer). Caroline (my name’s on the back of her tshirt from a race we both did before I knew her!), Sonya, Trudie and me doing a weird pose.

Sonya and Caroline left Trudie and me to carry on past the boatyard and up through the common again, with another perfect way-finding meaning I think I know how to do that route now. How lovely! There was a lot of walking and standing and photographing and you know what, as I said to Trudie, if all my runs are like this forever I won’t be unhappy.

7.6 miles, 14:04 mins per mile

Weekly total 17 miles. Total this year 671 (I needed 666.67 at the end of this month to be on track for my 1,000 miles in a year total)

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