The Great Iris Murdoch Readalong November 2017 – December 2019

Welcome! This is the page where I will collect together links to all the posts on my Great Iris Murdoch Readalong, which will be running from November 2017 to December 2019. A book a month for 26 months.

Iris Murdoch is my favourite author. I’ve read all of her books in chronological order twice before, and several of her books more than that. Having been introduced to her at the age of 14, I bought everything that was available in paperback up to that point (1986) and then kept buying the paperbacks as they were published. I last did a chronological read back in 2008 and it was great fun.

Why chronological? Because you see the development and flowering of her themes, characters and thoughts. She’s very much an author whose oeuvre people tend to read rather than individual novels, and having done some other authors in the same way in the interim (Thomas Hardy, Barbara Pym, Elizabeth Taylor), I’m very much looking forward to getting back into it.

On this page, I’ll gather together the individual blog posts about each book so you can browse my reviews and others’ links and comments and also find a particular book if you want to add a review or comment to the blog post. Happy reading!


This post explains how it’s all going to work

November 2017 Under the Net (1954)

Introductory post with covers and blurbs

My review – add comments and links to your blog posts here

Review round-up – links to other blogs and pictures of people’s covers

December 2017 The Flight from the Enchanter (1956)

Introductory post with cover and blurb

My review – add comments and links to your blog posts here

Review round-up – a summary of the reviews so far

January 2018 The Sandcastle (1957)

Introductory post with covers and blurbs

February 2018 The Bell (1958)

March 2018 A Severed Head (1961)

April 2018 An Unofficial Rose (1962)

May 2018 The Unicorn (1963)

June 2018 The Italian Girl (1964)

July 2018 The Red and the Green (1965)

August 2018 The Time of the Angels (1966)

September 2018 The Nice and the Good (1968)

October 2018 Bruno’s Dream (1969)

November 2018 A Fairly Honourable Defeat (1970)

December 2018 An Accidental Man (1971)

January 2019 The Black Prince (1973)

February 2019 The Sacred and Profane Love Machine (1974)

March 2019 A Word Child (1975)

April 2019 Henry and Cato (1976)

May 2019 The Sea, the Sea (1978)

June 2019 Nuns and Soldiers (1980)

July 2019 The Philosopher’s Pupil (1983)

August 2019 The Good Apprentice (1985)

September 2019 The Book and the Brotherhood (1987)

October 2019 The Message to the Planet (1989)

November 2019 The Green Knight (1993)

December 2019 Jackson’s Dilemma (1995)

If you want to find out more about Iris Murdoch, you can read about the Iris Murdoch Study Centre at the University of Chichester (including information on the Society) and the Iris Murdoch Archive at Kingston University. There’s also an active group on Facebook, and a lovely Twitter account.

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