Acquired via BookCrossing 24 Aug 2006 – BookRing

What a wonderful book, telling the near-future story of autistic Lou and his colleagues and their dealings with the “normal” world.

Lots of previous readers identified with the character as he develops and grows and becomes closer to “normal”; I identified with his and his groups’ everyday behaviours right from the start, and thought it was extremely well researched. I loved the different behaviours they all had, and if this book helps people to understand the mind of an autistic spectrum/aspergers person, then wonderful. It was a great story too, but this aspect really struck a chord with me. Loved that Temple Grandin was mentioned, too!

Anyway, I loved the book – one of my best reads of the year, if not ever. I am so grateful for being on the ring and getting to read it! I thought it was very moving, I found myself shouting at the book, and crying (in my office at break time – great!) at times. Wonderful!

Passing on to Matt now, who has been champing at the bit to read it but must finish our other together-read first! I will post his review here – like mine, there will probably be a difference between his JE, which will be open to everyone, and a more personal LJ entry (hopefully this is blocked to just my BCer friends and not everyone in the world…)