Books read this year: 227 (last year 228)
Fiction : 121 (last year 133)
Non-fiction: 106 (last year 95)
Did Not Finish: 4

Top 10s in order of reading (* = top ten of year fic and non-fic)

Top 10 fiction:
J & G Dryansky – Fatima’s Good Fortune
Lorna Landvik – Tall Pine Polka
*Dorothy Whipple – The Priory
*Catherine O’Flynn – What Was Lost
Ernest Callenbach – Ecotopia
Sinclair Lewis – Main Street
*John Galsworthy – The Forsyte Saga
*Gautam Makani – Londonstani
*Margaret Mitchell – Gone With The Wind
Jon Hassler – Rookery Blues
Honorable mention: Linda Gillard’s House of Shadows (read in MSS, 1st chapter available on her website)

Top 10 non-fiction:
*Mary S Lovell – The Mitford Girls
Michael Young – Family and Kinship in East London
*Bruce Feilden – Learning to Bow
Jenna Bailey – Can Any Mother Help Me?
*Hugo Vickers – Cecil Beaton
John Bingham – No Need for Speed
Isabella Dusi – Vanilla Beans and Brodo
*Stuart Maconie – Pies and Prejudice
Andrew Collins – That’s Me In the Corner
*Andrew Marr – A History of Modern Britain
Honorable mention: Michael Holroyd’s Basil Street Blues and Mosaic, but they couldn’t both go in and I couldn’t choose between them

Top read of 2008 – Andrew Marr – A History of Modern Britain