Oct 2014 TBROops. I knew the wonders of the September TBR weren’t going to last – have a look at the Book Confessions category to see how this has come to pass! Well, it’s not too bad still, and having lots of books to read can’t actually be BAD, can it? And if you go to author events and other events with books, it’s rude not to pick some up. Rude and unsupportive. So.  I’ve done 30 of my Century of Books now, with two on the go (will I ever finish the Sartre book, though) with a few coming up in the next block of reading.

Oct KindleAfter spending a couple of trips catching up with books on my sadly neglected Kindle, I’ve decided to post the Collections view of it every month, too. This constitutes my Kindle TBR, although it should be noted that the Classics collection includes “Middlemarch” and all of Hardy, Austen and the Brontes “just in case” I should be stuck somewhere with only my Kindle and a burning need to read classics. So really it’s the top 5 collections and Travel classic we need to worry about. Let’s see if I can pick some off every month. I make it 55 to be read (eeps!)

Oct currentCurrently reading – I’m working my way slowly through “The Heavenly Twins” by Sarah Grand, borrowed from my friend Laura. It’s a good, Virago-esque story about female emancipation – unfortunately, it’s a bit of an unwieldy volume, not really safe for reading at mealtimes, so it has to be saved for reading in bed and on the sofa. Gwen Raverat’s “Period Piece”, complete with her charming illustrations, is handbag sized and has been travelling around with me and almost finished – it’s a lovely evocation of a turn of the 20th century childhood, and I really don’t want it to end (surely I’ve read it before, though?)

Oct nextComing up we have a nice selection of transport, sewing, history and social history, so I’m looking forward to all of these. I have quite a scary book writing schedule (which I might be publishing later on my new books website) so I’ll have to work hard to build in reading time …

Have you read any of these? What are you reading in October?