It’s State of the TBR time and I think I’ve done rather well!

Sorry it’s a bit fuzzy, but you can hopefully see that the one with the half-pink spine (Thirkell, yay!) is the end of the front row and you can’t help but notice that the Pile has room to return to the TBR shelf (it was like this in June). I finished 12 books in June and half of them were from the actual TBR (the others were Kindle books or review books and my Iris Murdoch.

I’ve not yet posted about “Sacred Britannia” but will let you know when the review comes out on Shiny New Books. I’m currently reading Robert McFarllane’s “The Old Ways” (I was going to post a prettier, artier photo, but I quite like this in-progress one) and really, really enjoying it – I was enthusing about it yesterday and I’m still really liking it, so even though it’s quite substantial, I don’t think it will take that long to read. I am only up to Book 6 (this one) in my 20BooksofSummer project but am hoping I will have more time for the project this month, and also quite a lot of the books coming up are fiction or running books, which are fairly brisk reads. I also have a week off coming up (we’re not going anywhere, maybe some day-trips, but I needed a break from work) so that should help.

Talking of the books that are coming up, here’s the front end of the TBR, and all of these are books for 20BooksofSummer (I’ve added “Everything Was Good-Bye” to replace “The Accidental Apprentice” which was pretty well a Did Not Start. Also coming up this month I have Iris Murdoch’s only historical novel, “The Red and the Green”, set during Ireland’s Easter Rising (and not one of her most major novels, but still of interest: preview post here) for my IMreadalong project, and Claudia Gold’s “King of the North Wind” about Henry II to review for Shiny and Helen Cullen’s “The Lost Letters of William Woolf” to read for NetGalley (I have other NetGalley books but no others published in July). I’ll also be reading Amby Burfoot’s “Run Forever” which is Book of the Month in the Runners’ Bookshelf Facebook group I belong to.

What does your July of reading look like?