It’s the final week of of Nonfiction November and I’ve had a lovely time as usual – thank you so much to all the hosts! This week it’s New to my TBR time! I’ve learned from my first year and I now a) put this together as I go along, b) remember to note down where I saw each book, too! And I then saved it to post at the end of the week because I usually see books on other people’s roundups that I fancy. This year, I found a new blog to follow from someone who added one of my books to their roundup! For me, these books aren’t necessarily going on my TBR right away, but are going on my wishlist.

Week 5: (November 29-December 3) — New to My TBR with Jaymi at The OC Bookgirl: It’s been a month full of amazing nonfiction books! Which ones have made it onto your TBR?

Books I have added to my Wishlist this November

Richard Seabrook – “All the Devils are Here” – exploring the dying towns of coastal Kent, seen on 746Books’ Week 2: Book Pairings post

Hanif Abdurraquib – “A Little Devil in America” – essays on Black artists and Black expression seen on NancyElin’s blog review

Amy Ettinger – “Sweet Spot” – exploring the ice cream parlours of America, courtesy of Plucked from the Stacks’ Book Pairings post

Rachel Johnson – “A Diary of the Lady” – revamping the elderly, staid magazine. From Scones and Chaises Longues’ Book Pairings.

David Epstein – “The Sports Gene” – on whether sports ability is nature or nurture. From The Thousand Book Project’s Be the Expert post.

Ian Williams – “Disorientation” – essays on being Black in Canada. Suggested by Reading in Bed on my Be the Expert post

Amrit Wilson – “Finding a Voice” – essays by South Asian women in the UK in 1978, updated in 2018. Seen on The Market Gardener Reader’s My Year in Nonfiction post and already bought and in my house!

Michael Twitty – “The Cooking Gene” – African American food memor. Seen on What’snonfiction’s Be the Expert post

What about last year’s list?

These are the books I added to my wishlist last year.

“American Wolf” by Nate Blakeslee

“Between Stone and Sky” by Whitney Brown

“Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah – I have downloaded this for Kindle

Collectiva Sambra “Pandemic Solidarity” – I bought a print copy and it’s working its way up through my TBR

Raynor Winn’s “The Salt Path” and “The Wild Silence” – my friend Verity gave me both of these, I read “The Salt Path” with my best friend (review here) and we have “The Wild Silence” to read in the fullness of time.

So four out of six purchased or otherwise acquired and one read so far!