November TBROops – I’m a bit late with this one, as it’s been a busy day. Anyway, the TBR has gone a bit major: this post explains how it happened, although I then added five more substantial Viragoes (pictured here).

Nov 2015 the whole horrorAnd I haven’t shared the full nightmarish horror of it all before now (have I), including the standard double stacked TBR to be read in order of acquisition, the  “Debbie Macomber and books in series” pile, the “Three Investigators and pony books” pile and the Arnaldur Idriðason pile, which results in the bookcase that holds Matthew’s and my TBRs looking like this (the circled ones are mine, sitting neatly in front of rows of other, tidier books). Oops, indeed.

Nov 2015 currently readingAaaaaaanyway, moving swiftly on, I’m currently reading the subtle and horrifically well-observed “The Vicar’s Daughter” by E.H. Young, which was sent to me by fellow book blogger and commenter-on-here Kaggsy – a lovely Virago and a good and absorbing read.

I am about to start a lovely-looking non-fiction book that I’m reviewing for Shiny New Books – I admitted that I can never remember if we’re allowed to reveal what we’re reviewing before the mag and review comes out, but two of the editors kindly commented on this post, so I can reveal that it’s “Ivory Vikings” by Anne Marie Brown – exciting!

Nov 2015 coming upComing up, I got a  bit confused, because I was sure that this picture was oh, too similar to October’s one – however, I know that I have in fact read 11 books in October. How did this happen? Well, for a start, I was still reading three books as the month started, which were off the TBR. Then I read three Debbie Macombers off my DM pile, and two ebooks, one loaned book and one book that I bought within the month for the 1924 Club. When you add those up, it does work, honest. And these are indeed the books that are coming up.

So, the perennial questions – how is YOUR TBR doing, what have you got coming up, and have you read any of these lovelies?